The Story Behind the Scarfgram

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Atop the desk in my room sits a blue inland letter that I received from my mother many years ago on September 22nd, 1984 (as the postmark indicates). My mother passed away too early in her life, and mine too – but not before leaving me with life-long memories and love mementos aka handwritten letters. When I read the letter on my desk, I am transported back to 1984 when I was attending college in the Coimbatore, India. My mother would often write to me during those years from our family home in Chennai, India, where there was not even a landline telephone!

1984: Those were the pre-technology days when letters and telegrams were the only ways to communicate long-distance. Handwritten notes and cards were written with love and received with heavy anticipation. The words in those letters held more than meanings…They carried emotions, expressions, excitement and effort. The act of writing and sending letters to loved ones in itself showed them that they were worth the time and care it took to do so, making the exchange all the more special.

2024: I often find myself missing and yearning for those times, and that feeling of anticipation as I awaited another letter from my mother…So I created Scarfgram to bring back the practice of exchanging handwritten, heartfelt, and hugely impactful messages with loved ones. A Scarfgram is a telegram, a personalized card and a thoughtful gift all in one! Both the note and the scarf are keepsakes that serve as tangible reminders of a particular person or moment shared with them.


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