Drishti away

In South Indian culture, drishti is believed to be a manifestation of negative thoughts directed at a person by others. Our life force (prana) is disrupted by this negative drishti which in translation means "evil eye."

We have many rituals to protect us and to counteract this evil eye. Camphor, pepper seeds, dried chilies, lemon, coconut, and crystal salt are used in rituals to redirect this negative energy. I have fond memories of my grandmother performing these rituals whenever she visited us during summer breaks.  Recently, I sent off my children to college with a similar ritual, my way of wishing them a wonderful semester :)

Have you seen the drishti bommais hanging outside homes and shops? These scary face masks are also believed to serve the same purpose of deflecting the evil eye.


drishti bommai to ward off evil eye

My friend sent me this drishti when I bought my Grist Mill house


drishti bommai outside houses to ward off evil eye

Antique store find


How about lovely babies with big black dots on their cheeks?  These are nothing but drishti pottus for the same effect of warding off the evil eye. 


Adorable baby picture with drishti pottu protecting against kan drishti

Baby picture of my sister with black drishti pottus


drishti pottu on baby

My friend's grand niece with black drishti pottus


I was inspired by these memories to design Mayil's drishti necklaces. An odd (albeit beautiful) bead for an asymmetry to deflect any drishti coming your way. While a black bead seems to fit in perfectly, I have also used copper, silver and coral beads as a variation in these necklaces to create a visually pleasing asymmetry as well. 

Send someone a drishti necklace to wish them well as they begin a new journey and offer them your blessings.  Click on images below to shop the collection. Create your own drishti necklace. Pick your favorite combination of gemstones and drishti beads and I will make it for you. Just start the conversation - mayil@mayilscarves.com


Drishti necklace evil eye necklace

drishti necklace by Mayil green with Ganesha pendant orange drishti bead to ward of evil eye

aqua elephant drishti evil eye necklace

drishti necklace blue green ocean jasper with coral bead

Check out Mayil's drishti necklaces here


Mayil's notes - drishti is alternatively defined as a "gaze" in yoga nomenclature.  The symbolism and concept of evil eye is also found in many cultures and religions.